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Kong, Kong and more Kong

When my webmaster, Michi, created this blog for me she told me I’d have to write a bit at least once a week to keep it current with search engines. Oh, sure, no problem, I can do once a week. Um, last entry was when? Well I’ve been busy dammit. I’ve been doing many, many photo shoots for the Kong dog toy company. Which by the way is a lovely company. The kind of friendly, bring-your-do-to-work place that I could work at if — God forbid — I ever had to get a real job. Again, God forbid. The photos are for their website, their ads, their packaging, etc for all their dog and cat toys. Cats are a bitch. Yes, cats are a female dog — I understand the misnomer but it’s accurate in an abstract sort of way. I’m really beginning to dislike those creatures. Sooooo tempermental. But dogs are jubilant, life-affirming lovebugs. That’s not my bias talking, those are hardcore indisputable facts. Anyhoo, the shoots are fun and it’s been nice to be busy.

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