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Great Dane Blood Drive in Littleton


ferdlibrarytilttinyI just found out that dogs can donate blood.  I guess that makes sense, where else would the blood come from when a dog gets a transfusion? Duh.  But I never thought about it – did you?  Say no so I don’t feel so stupid.

I found out because the Great Dane Assistance League, Inc., is holding a Great Danes Giving Blood Drive on Saturday, March 28, at 9 am at the Animal ER in Littleton, CO (see address below).  GDALI is a Denver organization dedicated to the welfare of the coolest breed of dog in the world (I’ve had five, I’m somewhat biased).  They take in abandoned, abused and owner-surrendered Danes and help them find loving, permanent homes.  

GDALI has a plethora of exciting events scheduled, including several PetsMart Dane Days, a day at Elitch Gardens and their annual picnic.  See the full schedule with dates and details here.

If you’ve ever considered bringing one of these magnificent dogs into your family, you should check out any of GDALI’s events.  Meet some Danes, get to know their amazingly gentle, dopey personalities, fall in love, adopt.  I know from experience, once you go Dane, you’re never the same. 


Info:  Animal ER is located at 221 West County Line Road, Littleton.  Phone: 720-903-9667.  Blood drive starts at 9 am, March 28th.  Adopt a Dane or donate to GDALI here.

Watch a Masai Giraffe Being Born



Baby giraffes are irresistible aren't they?

Wanna see a baby giraffe being born? This video is really sweet. It’s kinda gooey of course, but you also get a rare opportunity to watch a Masai Giraffe baby take it’s first precious, wobbly steps.


Nikki Smith, the Safari West giraffe handler, explains that they are encouraged by their parents to hop right up and start walking as soon as possible because if they were born in the wild predators would be lurking nearby.

I know, I know, this is not a dog story, but OMG it’s cute. Watch Here:  Birth of Masai Giraffe

Humane Society US announces photo contest winners



Winning photo by Lanmana of Idaho

Winning photo by Lanmana of Idaho

Oh!  You have GOT to look at these photos from the Humane Society of the US’s Spay Day pet photo contest! As a professional (and might I add, award-winning) pet photographer, I was blown away. These photos are just amazing. Check out the Top 11 winners here. More than 45,000 pet photos were submitted and judged by a panel of celebrity hot shots.


The judges — Matt Grant (TV’s “The Bachelor”), Tamar Geller (author and dog trainer), Patrick McDonnell (“MUTTS” cartoonist), and Christopher Ameruoso (professional photographer) — were looking for entrants with a winning combination of an eye-catching photo and a creative written response that gave insight into their pet’s personality.

I try to accomplish the exact same thing through my photography and I have to say, these folks hit it right on the cold, wet nose! I’d love for you to see my photos too — just click to visit the Doghouse Studios Gallery.

The Top 11 finalists all received prizes, including a shopping spree to Humane Domain, the online store featuring products and gifts for pet lovers. Check out their collection of spay and neuter t-shirts — they’re an easy way to promote the fight to end pet homelessness, and you’ll look great doing it!

Keep an Eye On Your Dog While You’re Away

Boulder is a very dog-friendly town and for a few lucky folks that means being able to take their pooches to work with them.  But most of us have to leave Fido at home and figure out a way of coping with the guilt and anxiety.  We wonder what he’s doing right now, if he’s bored, if he’s lonely, whether he’s eating the sofa (again).  This is why doggy daycare centers have become so popular.  They provide peace of mind for the working parents of dogs just the same as the peace of mind offered to working parents of human tots.

But doggy daycare also encounters the same problems we face with daycare for children. Yes, we are told they’re having a good time, making friends in a safe environment,  but do we know that for sure?  And if they are having fun, well… great for them but we’re missing out on it.

Wouldn’t it be gratifying to see them enjoying themselves with your own eyes?  A couple local doggy daycare centers have arranged for exactly that.  When you drop your buddy off at Dog City or Camp Bow Wow you not only get daily report cards, you also get live Doggy Cams so you can check in on them any time you want from any computer or handheld with online capabilities.

Is Max actually sleeping during naptime? Tune in at noon and find out.  Is Fifi playing well with other dogs?  Peek into the play yard and see for yourself.  Debbie, a Dog City patron, says, “I love getting the comment card at the end of the day and being able to see Lucky throughout the day with the dog cam!”

It’s an amusing way to verify your dog’s safety and get to share in their good times while still getting paid – assuming you can tear yourself away from the Doggy Cams long enough to get your work done.  They are a bit addictive.

Dog City is located at 2907 55th Street and Camp Bow Wow is at 3631 Pearl Street.  Both daycare centers require that all dogs be completely up to date on all vaccinations, be spayed or neutered if over seven months old, and of course, all dogs must be friendly.  Prices average about $27 a day (per dog) for daycare to $41 (per dog) for an overnight stay.

Check out the doggy cams at Dog City here and Camp Bow Wow here!

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