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What to do when your cat is one of Satan’s minions

Sashabelle, Satan’s minion

On a good day, I say my cat is one of Satan’s minions. On a bad day, I say she is Beelzebub himself. It seems her one goal in life is to eviscerate, blind, slash, rip, rend, disable, incapacitate, mutilate, disfigure and otherwise maim all living creatures in our household. And if a plant or two has to go down along the way, so be it.

My daughter, the only human the cat will allow contact with, has even written a book, told from the cat’s deranged point of view, about her plans to end us all and take over the world. But this cat is the only cat we’ve ever had with a perfect record of peeing INSIDE her litter box and thus we are willing to overlook her persistent lethal attacks. After all, skin will heal but cat pee on suede boots is forever. Besides, she has somehow mesmerized my daughter into believing they are soul mates, so we are stuck with Lucifer Jr.

Of course, many of you might not feel as magnanimous about your misbehaving feline hell spawn as we do. Perhaps you would like to walk through your home without holding a bucket over your head to fend off kitty’s aerial strike? And now you are seeking some advice to that effect?

Well it just so happens that some of the country’s most knowledgeable feline folk hail from right here in Boulder.

For instance, we have New Yorker turned Boulderite, Annie Bruce. Annie is a black cat aficionado, ardent critic of declawing and author of Good Cats Wear Black. She has created, possibly one of the most comprehensive guides to training and caring for your cat.

She outlines creative cat training tips, solutions for litter box issues, aggressive cat behavior and furniture scratching. is also an excellent resource for all cat-related basic information from how to choose the best cat for you to setting up your home for the new kitty, cat safety issues, giving medicine, the best diet, how to say goodbye to an aging cat, and much more.

Another Boulder cat expert is Jackson Galaxy, known also as the Cat Daddy and host of Animal Planet’s wildly popular show, My Cat From Hell. Jackson gleaned much of his experience and cat wisdom during his many years of working at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. He co-founded Little Big Cat, Inc. with Dr. Jean Hofve where they helped cats and their humans understand each other better by focusing on the connection between physical and behavioral health.

Jackson now lives in California and is not able to do much private consultation outside of his TV show. But he sometimes answers questions submitted via Facebook and Twitter and on his blog. Most likely, your question has been asked before and you can find the answers are here on his blog.

On his website you will find info on a myriad of behavioral problems and their positive solutions (including play therapy, how to put up cat shelves, socialization with other animals and strangers, NO squirt bottles! He also provides helpful hints like why you should think twice about using one of those automated or self-cleaning litter boxes, why claws are vital to a cat’s emotional well-being, and the truth about laser toys.

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