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Pottery Caffe For Sale

Just found out that Pottery Caffe, Boulder’s lovely little paint-your-own-pottery and espresso bar, is for sale. I’ve always liked going there because they’re very accommodating to dogs of all sizes. My Great Dane is as welcome there as my Chihuahua. I would never actually bring the Great Dane in of course, because he is named after Ferdinand the Bull for some pretty obvious reasons and it’s generally considered unwise to bring a bull into a china (pottery) shop. Anyhoo, if anyone reading this has interest in owning-your-own paint-your-own, get in touch with me. It’s been well-established for 9 years and has a superb location tucked on the north side of Boulders venerable McGuckin’s hardware store and right in between Salon Salon and JJ Wells so it gets great foot traffic. Here’s the website:

Ferdinand the Bull-puppy: howling
Ferdinand the Bull-puppy: Howling

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