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Five Months, 19 Days and Counting

It’s been five months and 19 days since Ferdinand’s amputation and the boy is still rocking on. He finished up the chemo treatments like a boss and got a clean bill of health from Dr. Mones at Alpine Hospital.  He gave us a little scare with a cough but then Fiona the Fierce — Ferdi’s Chihuahua sister — came down with the same cough so it was decided that it was just allergies or a little bug. IMG_1212

He gets tired more quickly nowadays but that’s the only sign that he’s not at full capacity.  Otherwise, he acts like a pup, playful, cuddly, raring to go at the slightest jingle of the keys.

He is somewhat of a local celebrity.  I was in the bank with him (Elevations Credit Union is very cool about him coming in despite the sign on their door) and a guy rushed over to him, cooing his name and hugging him like they were long lost pals.  He finally stood up from the love session and acknowledged the bewildered look on my face by explaining, “I’m one of his Apple store friends!  I haven’t see you guys in a while…”

We spend every Sunday morning at Tod’s coffee shop in Gunbarrel, sitting on the tiny patio (the sidewalk) having breakfast, reading the paper, communing with the other regulars, planning out our Home Depot shopping list and generally enjoying what we refer to as ‘our Sunday church service.’  For us, it’s better than church because 1) we get coffee and 2) we have Ferdinand with us.  He has weekly admirers who bring him treats and last week someone even brought their Great Dane puppy, Gus, to meet Ferdinand!

It’s funny, everyone who meets him says how much they’d love to have a big dog like him but the big ones just don’t live very long and they don’t want to put themselves through that loss.  They tell stories of dogs with cancer whose people chose euthanasia over amputation because they couldn’t bear to go through all that and then lose them anyway.  I get it, Ferdi is our fourth Great Dane, they do break your heart sooner than a little dog.  And amputation was an incredibly difficult choice with no guarantees.

But I also get that every Dane has been worth the heartache whether we lost him at two years old or at three or at nine and a half.  The surgery, as difficult as it was, has given us a little more time with this one.  We can never know how much more time we have with him of course, the vet says it could be years, but even if the worst happened tomorrow, we know for sure that it will be worth the anguish to have five more months, 19 days and counting.


Pooch helps pop the question

“I’d like to arrange a photo shoot as a gift for my girlfriend.  And could you do one extra little thing? …”    So began one of the most distinctive shoots I’ve had so far.   Anthony went on to explain that he wanted photos of his girlfriend, Natalie with her dog, Abigail, and himself.  And at the end of the  session he wanted me to photograph him getting down on one knee and proposing!  To Natalie, not Abigail — just to be clear.  I think Abigail approved when her lady said, “YES!”

Balls, Balloons and Big Sad Eyes

More recent photos from Doghouse Studios shoots.  See lots of adorable dogs and cats at our online gallery

Cockers, Calicos and more …

Slideshow of recent Doghouse Studios shoots.  You can see more charming canines (and cats) at the Doghouse Studios online gallery!


Boulder Daschund featured in USA Today’s “Working Like a Dog”

One of our very own local canines has recently become a national celeb featured in USA Today — and taking a look at Fritz I think you can see why. Fritz is a working dog, putting in hours of overtime as the personal assistant to Carol Brock, editor of Boulder County Home & Garden Magazine.

Fritz the Gardener - photo by Peggy Doyle

When Brock adopted Fritz from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley about a year ago, he was in sad shape. Now he is regularly featured in the magazine and has become quite the socialite. “Everybody knows him. It’s ‘Hi, Fritz’ wherever we go,” she says.

He earns his kibble by performing by performing tricks for his office peeps and adoring fans. “He learns things in a second,” Brock says. “I thought I’d teach him some tricks and he’s so smart — he learns after just one or two times — I ran out of ideas for tricks.” She went to the bookstore last week for help: a book of 101 dog tricks. She figures it’ll be a few weeks before he masters them all.

That’s what she gets for adopting a smart dog. Stick with Great Danes and you’ll work on the same six commands for the rest of their lives. Heaven help me, I do love ’em big and dumb.

Doghouse Studios wins national photo contest! See the winning photo

Just found out I won the “Faces and Places of the World” photo contest in the professional category of Animals/Pets. Yea Me! Here’s the winning photo below, called Tango de Los Perros. Check out the article and slide show of all the winning photos here: Photo contest winners slide show

Dancing Dogs

Tango de los Perros

Let’s All Vote for the New Guy: The Pyrenean Shepherd

Westminster dog show opened today. I have never, ever, ever picked the winner. Not even picked the winner of the breed or category or anything. But I love it anyway. I’m torn this year between Westminster and the Olympics but Bob Kostas’s new hair color is throwing me off so I’ve decided to stick with the dogs. Fave newly recognized by AKC dog of the year: The Pyrenean Shepherd. Check this dog out!

Picture from Canine Coalition

Get more info on the Pyrenean Shepherd here at Canine Coalition

Extreme Dog Grooming: Camels, Buffaloes and Horses, Oh My

Ever seen a camoodle? Or a Clydesdoodle? Thankfully these are not new cross-species designer dog breeds, they are poodles groomed to look like a camel and a Clydesdale, respectively if not respectfully.


A couple of these dogs actually seem to be enjoying themselves. Most of them are just enduring the humiliation. So while I applaud the groomer’s over-the-top creativity, I still feel really, really bad for the dogs. But not so bad that I could resist sharing these photos with you.

Buffaloodle. For the CU fans:


Keep in mind that the abominations sculpted and dyed into their fur will in most cases be shaved and washed away the next day. They don’t have to go to the dog park looking like that.


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