Three legs and a brave heart

ferd capeSMMy little spotted superhero started receiving chemotherapy on Monday — exactly three weeks after his surgery.  He was a bit nauseated the first night but the doc had hooked him up with some nice meds so that was all better soon.  Tuesday he seemed back to his old self other than taking frequent and ferocious pee breaks.

I wanted to watch over him through the first couple days post-chemo so I took him to work with me.  You haven’t seen fun until you tell a crowded office full of people not to let the very large, very affectionate Great Dane lick them because his saliva is poisonous.  It was like the vintage cartoons of a shrieking woman jumping up onto a chair in a tizzy when she sees a mouse…  Bwah-ha-ha

Later, we made a visit to Pharmaca.  It’s always a very dog friendly store but take a newly-minted amputee Dane in there and the place explodes with love and kindness and concern.  It was a little overwhelming but also very healing.  He had so many admirers fawning over him you’d have thought he was one of the One Direction boys.  About half of the 15 or s0 people that he met didn’t notice that he was missing a leg until it was pointed out by him walking/hopping down the row of well-wishers.  (Seriously, they queued up like a receiving line at a royal event).

Before his surgery, I had read on many many other blogs that dogs and cats show amazing resilience when faced with losing a limb and that info played a big part in our choosing to go ahead with the surgery. Well, add this one to the list.  He has absolutely blown us away with his ability to step up (pun intended) and face the world with three legs and a brave heart.

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